Pour Form

Sometimes people are vexing. It may surprise some people who know me, but I get annoyed pretty quickly (especially with myself).  But all in all, most people think I’m a pretty easy going, laid back kinda’ guy. And for the most part, maybe even the whole part, I am.

So what frustrates me?

Say I go to a small party and bring a bottle of wine.  It may be one of my favorites. It may not be. Either way, it doesn’t matter. After placing the bottle on the assigned table with the rest of the night’s accoutrements, I quickly go about my customary walkabout and exchange pleasantries. After promptly returning to pour myself a glass, I notice that there is ALREADY less than a quarter of the bottle left.

Now, it can be argued that with the previous act of placing the bottle on the table, I willfully give up the rights to this particular wine. As with other blurred lines of “social etiquette”, I happily acknowledge this unwritten rule in the fabric of our society.

No big deal right? I brought it for everyone.

But as I stealthily scan the room to see who may be enjoying it (we’ve all been there), I happen to notice a couple of people across the room with glasses filled to brim. So high in fact that I can vividly imagine their dry-cleaning bill increasing exponentially with even with the slightest swirl. Now I am all for having a good time, but is there really a need to fill the glass to the tippy top?

I’ve been told of a preconceived notion that a 750ml bottle of wine holds 4 “generous” glasses. Well I beg to differ. I submit that a properly poured bottle of wine has approximately 7 glasses in it. And each pour should be about 3 ounces. This humble portion allows for the maximum amount of allotted torque to effectively swirl the contents and release its full capacity of olfactory splendor. It is also important to note that wine is something to sniff, sip and savor. Not to be swilled “pell-mell” or “willy-nilly”.

I’m not trying to be the “pouring police” here, but I know what I like. It may not be what other people deem correct, moral, or even worth discussing.  But, to me, pouring a glass of wine over 3 ounces is poor form.

– Wesley Kirk



  1. It’s funny to read about these party/wine issues. Unless I’m going to someone’s house who appreciates good wine (as well as their guests), I bring a cheap bottle of something that won’t embarass me (that, too, is a trial-n-error process of discovery). Otherwise I’ll hide my offering near the back of the incoming collection and see what others bring. If I’m lucky someone will top my contribution to the festivities.

  2. Michael said

    absolutely agree, seven glasses in a bottle, part of the fun is the pour and….something about the swirliness of the smaller amt makes it taste better. As for briinging wine you like to a party–first rule, always be there when it’s opened…if you like it, share it but make sure you gat s agood fill. That was what I akways did because I could never be sure anybofy would bring a wine I liked or anything as good as mine;)

  3. Andrew Oster said

    Mr. Kirk. While I couldn’t agree more with your philosophical approach to the delivery and drinkability of the bottle of party wine, I must raise a few questions and commend the source. When attending a party featuring the latest and greatest Australian animal label or Californian Celebro-wine, is it (A) Your responsibility to raise the bar and bring your quality=value wine no matter who drinks how much of it? (B) Your opportunity to brag to members of the crowd enjoying the bowlful of your wine they just poured and are so surprised that it doesn’t taste like rubbing alcohol? (C) Your opportunity to educate the (insert overpriced Pinot Grigio) fan that you really don’t have to spend that much on a lousy bottle of wine? Or (D) The perfect chance to introduce people to wines that they might not have heard of and are so pleased with that they come back for more. I too struggle with this dilemma, especially now living in PA where they still think people run moonshine in orange cars with “01” on the top and scream “YeeHaw” when they escape the goofy sheriff. My suggestion to you is to keep fighting the fight. Keep going to (and, yes, working at) places like Amanti Vino that taste the product they’re selling, know what they’re talking about, won’t compromise on their standards, and sell you the best bottle they have at the price you’re looking for. I say, “Sip, Savor, Swirl” and start talking to the girl in the corner of the party drinking a glass of “The Guilty” that you brought with the “OMG” face on. Stop by 30 Church Street in Montclair and they’ll know what you should bring to your next party and what to save for yourselves. Afterall, February 14th is rapidly approaching…

  4. amantivinoblog said

    thanks for the responses guys…we will be posting every week and your thoughts are more than appreciated

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