Why didn’t I think of that?

There are so many good ideas that can literally change your life.  And these ideas are everywhere.  Millions of them. The only problem I see is that the really good (lucrative) ideas are right in front of your face. Too close. They are so obvious that you mentally dismiss the thought before you even realize you’ve overlooked it.

In my particular case, I think I would actually need the  “Luggage On Wheels” idea to hit me over the head with a tack hammer before I even processed the concept. And that’s how I see Charbay Distillery.

Now that's real beer in there...

To the best of my spirits knowledge (which is journeyman at best), they are the only, or at least the only brand that I’ve heard of, that actually distills whiskey from a true, drinkable beer. Everyone else uses an undrinkable “wash”.

Come on now.  Has no one else thought of this? I know I didn’t. And I’m a smart guy. At least that’s what I tell myself to keep my confidence levels reasonably high.

 Don’t get me wrong. I admire Charbay. I carry two of their products. They are  fantastic.  I actually spoke with Marko, the head distiller, a while back on the phone and he was super cool. He told me all about their new releases that they had planned (Look out for a whisky distilled from Racer 5 IPA coming this Fall). But are they really the first to do this?

You (I) mean to tell me that in the history of the world, not even in Scotland, where the line between drinking and religion is acutely blurred, that a back country moonshiner has never dabbled in this?

 Please comment.  Enlighten me. I love whiskey. I could have been a millionaire…still might be.

 To learn more about Charbay Distillery visit our Facebook page.


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  1. Will Sugerman said

    I’m curious about how real beer changes the taste of the spirit? What does whiskey distilled from IPA taste like? The wine based spirits from Armagnac and Cognac are intentionally made from super high-acid, low alcohol bases that would awful to drink before distillation.

    I haven’t ever heard of brandy made from Burgundy or Grappa made from Gravner. It may be that it doesn’t make sense financially, but way that people for Charbay, you would think you could charge a pretty penny for a spirit made from Grand Cru Chablis.

    Does Marko, or anyone for that matter, have any proof that using real beer makes the whiskey taste better?

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