Think Pink Gin

For me, the perfect summer cocktail is not from a tropical island in the Caribbean or the Tequila soaked shores of Mexico. My “beat the heat” beverage hails from the rain battered borders of the United Kingdom. I am talking about a drink aptly named “Pink Gin”.

A brief history of the drink takes us back to the 19th Century and the Royal Navy. Born from the port cities of England, a Pink Gin contains Plymouth gin and a dash of ‘pink’. Pink’ refers to the Angostura bitters, a dark red extract of gentian and spices. Also known as Gin and Bitters, the Royal Navy actually created the drink in order to make Angostura bitters more enjoyable (they used Angostura bitters to combat sea sickness). The recipe is very simple:

Pride of the Royal Navy?

1) Take a chilled Old-Fashioned glass and splash in a couple of doses of Angostura bitters. Make sure to coat the inside wall of the glass with the bitters and pour out the excess.

2) Then take a shaker—add ice and your favorite gin. Give it a good shake and pour into your pre-coated Martini glass (not the ice). The bitters will turn the gin a “salmony-shade” of pink. Add a lemon or lime rind for garnish. And that’s it.

(Now I usually don’t have a Martini glass around so I use a regular short glass. And on unbearably hot days I put a heap of crushed ice in it).

The traditional style calls for Plymouth Gin, but I like London Dry. I use Anchor Distillery”s Junipero (San Franciso) or Dry Fly, a small batch distillery in Washington State. I think you should use the gin that you like the most. Trust me, it is remarkably refreshing and quite the “talker”.


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  1. For confidence when driving, I always USE GIN…..!!!!

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