Corks Are Popping @ The Tasting Bar This Weekend!

We have a couple favorites open at the tasting bar this weekend. The Muri Gries stand is always one of our favorites at VinItaly.  After an endless sea of young Nebbiolo and Aglianico that fill your mouth with gum-tearing tannins and enamel-ripping acidity, some refreshing whites are a welcome respite.  The 2008 Pinot Bianco is one of our favorites.

Sinskey's Organic Vineyards

Pinot Bianco is a really cool, middle of the road grape. Perfect for someone who wants to try somthing with a little more body than Sauvignon Blanc,  but something other than Chardonnay. The wine displays the perfect blend of freshness and richness with notes of pears, apples and minerality on the nose and palate.  $23.99

We always love to open the organic wines of  Robert Sinskey and, as we wait for his Vin Gris to arrive, we will be pouring the “Point of View” Bordeaux blend.  Most of the staff here at Amanti Vino are staunch supporters of old world, traditional wine-making. So it is always a pleasure for us to show one of our favorite domestic producers leading the way this side of the Atlantic.  Sinskey blends Cabernet,Merlot and Cabernet Franc with the sophistication of his European counterpoints. $44.99

Our tasting starts at 2pm. Hope to see you there.


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