Brunch Beer For “Sunday Funday”

One of the most interesting sub-cultures in our society is the rise of “Sunday Funday”.  You may already be part of it. Do you eat brunch…. on the weekend….possibly Sunday….with, perhaps, an alcoholic beverage?

Riiiiiight…..I thought so.

But don’t be alarmed. I think we are all doing it. In small cities and towns throughout the country, people are taking part. At this point you could probably consider “Sunday Funday” a real part of popular culture; but who am I to say that most people throw caution to the wind on Sunday?

However, in “professional” circumstances (mine), I humbly assume this privilege.

The first and obvious choice is always mimosas.  And you can always spot the brunch veteran by the flask of whiskey under the table for the Irish coffee. But let’s face it, orange juice and Prosecco is a little safe. And not everyone can drink whiskey in the early afternoon.

For me, the real sleeper at this time of day is the Belgium Tripel.

This ale has an unmistakably golden color. It is very aromatic, creamy in body, with banana like, orangey flavors. When the beer is young, the banana and tropical fruit can be very assertive. With a little bottle age, the interplay between malt, hop and fruit is superb. But it’s tough to wait that long. These beers work extremely well with an array of brunch options. Bacon and eggs, Chorizo omelets, eggs benedict and breakfast burritos are all classic orders. It pairs perfectly with lobster and eggs. Yes….lobster and eggs…break out the credit card and treat yourself.

Something else to consider is that these beers are extremely appealing to both sexes. So guys, if you want to get your lady friend to start drinking beer with you, the Tripel is the perfect, first step to a long lasting, very civil plate of pancakes.

Brews to consider ( 750ml):

Fin Du Monde, Unibroue (Quebec, Canada) —  $8.49 (Quebec’s premier brewery.  Molson doesn’t really compare boys.)

Defiant Tripel, (Pearl River, NY) –$9.99 (A little more body and complexity than the other two. Chalk one up for the east side.)

Allagash Tripel, (Portland, Maine) — $9.99 (The heralded brewery from Maine with numerous, diverse styles)

*** CAUTION when pouring these beers as they are highly volatile due to addition of nettlesome yeast strains***

– Wes Kirk


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