Poor Man’s (Or Man Who Has Spent All His Money On Roses) Saint Emilion

Located just east of some of Bordeaux’s great Right Bank appellations, the Cotes de Castillon is an often overlooked source of great value Bordeaux. We will have a great new Cotes de Castillon open at the tasting bar this weekend. Save your money for the drastically inflated rose prices.

Good thing the Roc du Manoir is only $14.99.

The Chateau Manoir du Gravoux is situated on a spectacular property located on a plateau of fairly high elevation, affording beautiful views of the surrounding region. In 1997, Severine & Phillipe Emile took over the Domaine and have been in charge ever since. For the past ten years, they have been producing wine of extraordinary balance and taste, and the Roc du Manoir is no exception. The terroir is varied and composed of clay, limestone, sandstone and silt which produce concentrated and powerful wines that are still smooth, charming and best of all, affordable.

The Roc du Manoir is a blend of 80% Merlot & 20% Cabernet Franc. It displays a dark crimson color and a ton of fruit on the nose.  Lovely smoky and black olives notes are just underneath the fruit and go particularly well with barbecued meals. It is a hearty, slightly tannic wine that shows notes of ripe red berries, plums and cherries on the palate with solid but finely structured tannins. A welcomed, bittersweet chocolate finish is persistent adding depth and balance. This wine pairs perfectly with lamb, beef and an assortment of sharp cheeses.


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