Mount Olivet Cotes du Rhone 2007

The Clos du Mont Olivet Cotes du Rhone is arguably the greatest value wine in Amanti Vino history.  I know this may be somewhat of a bold statement but for $14.99, it is dollar for dollar the best wine that I have had during my tenure at Amanti Vino.  And after just having my first bottle of JL Chave St. Joseph 2007 at nearly $70, I am quite sure of it.

I may be a bit biased since I am very much a fan of the Rhone Valley. So much so that my esteemed colleague and friend, Thaddeus Kawecki, has jokingly (or perhaps seriously, I can’t really tell) nicknamed me “Rhone Boy”.  I actually think it has a cool, super-hero type ring to it, so maybe the joke’s on him.  The Chave St. Joseph comes from the Northern part of the Rhone, where the red wines are traditionally made from Syrah. This varietal produces a wide range of flavors, depending on the climate and soils where it is grown.  Most aroma characters range from violets to berries, game, espresso and black pepper. These wines are never made in vast quantities and are always highly sought after, usually resulting in high prices.

The most affordable Rhone wines are from the Cote du Rhone appellation, 90% of which comes from the Southern Rhone.  Here, the wines are usually dominated by Grenache, with sprinklings of other grapes like Syrah and Mourvedre. The Mont Olivet is approximately a 50/50 split of Syrah and Grenache, however one would be hard pressed not to think it was dominated by the former.  After having my first sip of the Chave St. Joseph, I was immediately reminded of the Mont Olivet.  It made me fully appreciate how good the Mont Olivet is for almost a quarter of the price of the St. Joseph. It is very reminiscent of its more prestigious, Northern Rhone counterparts and will go great with any end-of-the-summer BBQs that you have planned.

We have five cases left, and I suggest you grab what you can.

– Wes Kirk


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