Heard it Through the Grapevine 3: Ron Coleman’s Bird Candy

Producers & wine lovers come together to taste Amanti Vino favorites at the Irving Mill.

Producers & wine lovers come together to taste Amanti Vino favorites at the Irving Mill.

At the end of August we did our first large-scale tasting in New York City. We held the event at a beautiful restaurant on the Lower East Side called the Irving Mill. Teaming up with T. Edward Wines (an NYC based importer), we welcomed more than 150 guests from NY & NJ as well as over 30 producers from California, Washington, Oregon, Bordeaux, Chile & Argentina. We even let some press types in (examiner & imbibenewyork). The proceeds for the event were donated to Moscot Mobileyes, a foundation that helps provide eyecare and eyewear to underprivileged clients.

Shortly after the event Ron Coleman, the owner & winemaker from Tamarack Cellars in Washington wrote us a note based on a conversation he had with a guest. As it puts a whole new perspective on what’s happening in the vineyard, we thought we would pass it along.

“To the plants it’s all about making bird candy, not about us and our love of wine. Grapes, just like every other living thing on Earth, have an ultimate goal of propagation, not of ending up in a Riedel. The way it works is as the sugar level rises to the point at which birds find the grapes tasty, the berries begin to turn a color that shouts to the birds, EAT ME, EAT ME! This occurs at the same time that the plant begins to lignify, turning brown and hard in the shoots and seeds. The seeds, having become hard and crisp, are passed through the birds digestive system, fall to the ground and, hopefully, germinate.”

Next time you walk into your favorite restaurant ask for a glass of their finest bird candy juice. See what they show you first, the door or the wine list.


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  1. Sam said

    Wonderful Tasting!

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