Sharon’s Trip to London

Last month Sharon Sevrens, the proprietor of Amanti Vino, traveled to Europe to receive her Diploma from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. The WSET is a London based organization that provides wine education for wine lovers and professionals alike. The WSET Diploma is one of the highest distinctions that can be achieved in the world of wine. Only a handful of people complete the grueling three year process that is full of written theory examinations and blind tastings. Fewer still take the step, or more properly the giant leap, to becoming a Master of Wine. Currently there are only 265 MWs in the world. Sharon had a chance to chat with some of these luminaries at her Diploma ceremony:

“A year and a half after actually completing my wine studies, I was invited to London to receive my Diploma from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), the UK-based organization responsible for training people for the Master of Wine (MW) program. My first thought was “How can I fly to London for that?” but my second thought, “How could I miss this?” prevailed. It was held in Guild Hall, whose history dates back to 1441. And after wandering (getting hopelessly lost in) the streets of London we found beautiful building and it was worth the effort! As soon as I walked into the historic location, I understood the weight of my accomplishment. The room was filled with MWs from around the world including Michael Broadbent, Hugh Johnson and Mary Ewing Mulligan to name a few. Receiving my Diploma from Michael Broadbent, was the greatest honor of my wine career. Broadbent has tasted more wine than anyone in the world, especially older vintages from as far back as the 17th century. He keeps meticulous tasting notes for each bottle which he has compiled in his Great Vintage Wine Book, published in multiple editions. My only disappointment was my realization that I was the only representative from my NYC Diploma class of about 10. It was an honor that I hope more Diploma grads from this side of the pond will get to realize in years to come.”

Written By Sharon Sevrens


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