Heard it Through the Grapevine: Winemaker Commentary

We are happy to introduce our first in a series of posts from some of our favorite winemakers. George Shinas is a sitting judge in Australia and has been making wine as a hobby for many years. His wines have been a staple at Amanti Vino since we opened, beginning with the Guilty Shiraz and the Innocent Viognier. More recently we have added the Verdict Cabernet Sauvignon. Thanks in a large part to George’s dynamic personality and his annual trips to Montclair, Amanti Vino sells more of his wines than any store in the country. Here are his thoughts on the upcoming 2009 vintage which promises to be a difficult year for many growers in Australia:

“The 2009 growing year will be the most difficult year for Shinas Estate in our region’s 110 years of growing grapes due to the prolonged drought. We are in our 14th year of drought and due to Global Warming it seems the drought is here to stay and that the grape harvests will remain very small. I’m an optimist and I have found the drought has done me a favor. Due to lack of rain, disease pressure and rain damage is non-existent, allowing the grapes to be of the highest quality.

The other positive to come out of the drought is the quality of the fruit is rising due to the stressed vines producing smaller crops than previous years. With every new vintage release I am informed by wine lovers around the world; my latest vintage is the best I have produced. As we get ready to bottle our latest vintage, I am happy to announce that the drought has done it again. It has helped us produce another awesome Guilty Shiraz, Verdict Cabernet Sauvignon and Innocent Viognier.”

George Shinas

Shinas Estates, Australia


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